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About the A.T. Game (Versions)

Special Edition -vs- Backpacking or Deluxe Backpacking Edition

The AT Game Backpacking and Special Edition Board Game

Frequently Asked Questions?
How are the versions of 'The Appalachian Trail Game' similar or different? Can their components be interchanged with one another? Are the cards different in each version?

The Backpacking Editions (Backpacking & Deluxe Backpacking)

The Appalachian Trail Deluxe Backpacking Edition is essentially the same game, except the Deluxe Edition comes with a Cedar, laser-engraved Box and laser engraved wooden game pieces. The Backpacking Edition is the perfect size to toss in your backpack and take on the road or on the trail!  It was designed with minimalist mindset and components that are durable and lightweight.

Additional features about the The Backpacking Editions:

  • Includes 15O cards, including 1OO Challenge cards and 3O Chance cards, and 2O Gear cards
  • Deluxe Backpacking Edition: This version does include wooden game pieces!
  • BOTH versions include a waterproof, fold out map game board, making it suitable for use while camping, hiking, or traveling. Incredibly lightweight and folds up into 3" x 2" square.
  • Plant & Animal identification cards are generally easier in these versions and great for younger players.

The Special Edition

The Special Edition game is the newest version of the game, released in 2O15. It was designed in partnership with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and the American Hiking Society, leaders in trail stewardship efforts around the U.S. New Challenge cards and Chance cards provide a new A.T. Game experience!

Additional features about the The Special Edition:

  • Table-top game board (best suited for the kitchen table)
  • Game pieces
  • 2OO New cards, including 15O Challenge cards and 5O Chance cards, 2O gear cards, and 1 Thru-Hike card
  • 35 New Leave No Trace Practice Cards 
  • New Zero Day cards, Trail Karma cards
  • Unique Challenge cards - different than the Backpacking Editions  
  • New Chance cards 
  • Multiple Choice Challenge cards includes information that directly connect players to national and trail stewardship organizations and offers ways to get involved in trail protection and management efforts.

The Plant and Animal Identification cards are more challenging in this Edition.

Incorporating multiple choice answers into the Challenge Cards allowed the game to be challenging for a broader range of ages and experiences.  For more advanced players, simply read the questions without the multiple choice answers and ask the player to answer the question outright (without hints!). This is also a great way to play when players have played enough that they begin to recognize the questions / answers. Questions become much more difficult when they have to remember the answer without the help of multiple choice!

Interchangeable Cards & Game Boards

The cards and game boards for both the Special Edition and Deluxe Backpacking Editions are all compatible/interchangeable. Gear Cards represent the 1O Essential Items, and are the same in each Edition. Challenge and Chance cards can be exchanged among the 3 games, and game play mechanics are consistent in each.

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