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Hot Springs, NC

Hot Springs is one of a handful of communities where the A.T. goes right through town!   This quaint little mountain town has captured the hearts of many who pass through, and is a quick 3O minute jaunt from our home town of Asheville.  We've shared the game with hikers in town, at the 2O16 TraiFest, and with students from Hot Springs Elementary School.

Challenge questions brought out great memories and stories of trail adventures. Advanced hikers chose to eliminate the multiple choice answers on questions to make the game even more challenging. We shared the game with Jennifer Pharr Davis, world record holder for fastest thru-hike on the AT, and she said "I wish I'd known some of these things before my first hike!"

In April, 2O16, we participated in TrailFest in Hot Springs, NC, and brought out our brand new 5' by 2O' Game map!  We played with a group of 35 hikers, families, and local folks and everyone had a blast! Teams of 6 competed, and games were awarded to the winning teams.

Hot Springs Elementary School

On April 14, 2O16, we rolled out our new 5' by 2O' game map with 4th and 5th graders from Hot Springs Elementary School.  We played the A.T. Game "game show style", with the  girls and boys on separate teams {their idea, of course!}. The kids had a blast! They were having so much fun, they didn't even realize how much they were learning!  We're excited to take our big map on the road to other schools and organizations! Get in touch if you'd like us to pay a visit to your school!


Playing with Scouts in Asheville, NC

We've also played the game with Boy Scout Troop 8 in Asheville, NC a multiple times over the past few years. Scouts seem to especially enjoy The Appalachian Trail Game because they know more of the answers than the average student... or do they? These guys were really great sports and had a good laugh when they didn't know things they should as scouts. They were very pleased to use their conservation and camping skills in the context of a competitive board game. More than any other group we played with, the boy scouts were excellent at working in teams, with the older scouts supporting and teaching the younger ones. Mark Hanf, our founder, will be continuing to work with Boy Scout Troop 8 in Asheville to teach them about game design in preparation for the Game Design Badge.



Are YOU interested in having us come to visit your school, festival, or conference? We LOVE sharing this game!  Contact Kristin Peppel at for more information.