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             The more bonus packs the cooler it will be. Every time I sit down on a campout some of the boys want me to play “that trail game” with them. ~April 12, 2015
 Thank you for creating this wonderful game, my own 3 children have learned so much in the time that we have had it and love to play the game. They are learning while having fun, it is truly a great game. – March 15, 2015
Keep on doing what you are doing! The game is so much fun to play, especially when one person keeps getting sent back to Damascus! What a riot!! Thanks so much for creating such a fun learning game! – March 5, 2015
I want to express my gratitude. My 12 year old daughter LOVES playing this game and I can’t believe how much hiking/camping/AT lore/knowledge she has picked up. She usually hates to read and often is inattentive to instruction and I adore how this game is really getting her camping knowledge up.  – March 3, 2015
My grandchildren have learned a lot about my hiking by playing the game with me…they will both be hiking the AT with me this summer!! – March 2, 2015

We received our copy of the Appalachian Trail Game here in Germany, today. Love it ? It’s reminds us of the great experience on the AT!! ~ December 26, 2014

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